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Function that takes code as parameter?


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No I don't meen run a executable or somthing. In your example you pass sample a string containing the filename of the program you would like to execute. I would like it to actually treat the string as autoit code and run it.

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Cool thanks thats what I was after. I was trying to cut out code duplication in my scripts.

I have been using lod3n's idea from another topic to automate program installs reliably by looping through all the possible different windows there could be, handling them and waiting till they are gone:

  while 1
    case WinExists("Confirmation","Are you sure")
       ControlClick("Confirmation","Are you sure","Button2")
       While WinExists("Confirmation","Are you sure")
    case WinExists("Installation Complete","Installation completed succ")
        ControlClick("Installation Complete","Installation completed succ","Button1")
        While WinExists("Installation Complete","Installation completed succ")

So here is what I have got so far, I get an error on line 4 I think because I have a string going over several lines. Anyway my question is am I on the right track here or would you do it a different way? I am trying to make reliable installer automation scripts that are as neat as possible with little duplicated code.

; This If statement would be a case in a select inside a loop normaly
If WinExists("Example window", "Welcome to the example program blah blah") Then
  HandleWin("Confirmation","Are you sure", 
          "Example window", "Welcome to the example program blah blah",
          "MsgBox(0, 'Huray', 'it worked!')
           MsgBox(0, 'Huray', 'And this!')")

Func HandleWin($title, $text, $commands)
; Split up the commands and count
     $command = StringSplit($commands, '\n', 1)
     $commandCount = UBound($command)

; Loop through commands and execute them
     For $i = 0 to $commandCount Step +1

; Wait for window to close
     While WinExists($title,$text)
     Return $value


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