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Combox cycle

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Hi, All,

I do not know whether anyone asked this question in this forum. I searched the forum, but I did not get any answer. I tried many times to resolve this problem, but the script did not work out. Here is the question:

Say, I have 10 items listed in a combox, I would like use autoit script to select the item in the combox one by one: first to 10th. How to do that?

Thanks a lot!


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$data = GUICtrlCreateCombo("Choose Something", 20, 265, 230, 30)
GUICtrlSetData($data, "data1|data2|data3|data4|data5|data6|data7|data8|data9|data10")

        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data1"
            $something = 1
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data2"
            $something = 2
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data3"
            $something = 3
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data4"
            $something = 4
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data5"
            $something = 5
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data6"
            $$something = 6
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data7"
            $something = 7
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data8"
            $something = 8
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data9"
            $$something = 9
        Case GUICtrlRead($data) = "data10"
            $something = 10

Is this what you mean?

Credit goes to whomever (I forget) answered it for me when I asked. :whistle:

Edited by Teldin

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Hi, Teldin,

Thanks a lot for the reply. However, this may not be precisely what I need. I guess I was not clear in my post.

I have a program with a Combox. In the Combox, there is a list of options. What I would to do is to use autoit script select one and do a task, then select second, do a the tast again, ... till finish all list item.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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