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Programming a mouse

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I have the Logitech MX400 laser mouse, but can't program it with application specific settings. Yes I have UberOptions installed in SetPoint, but because SetPoint is so badly bugged, UberOptions doesn't work.

I figured I would script my own utility to provide the functionality I want, so I started looking throught the AutoIt help file to get me started. The problem is there doesn't seem to be any support for capturing mouse clicks, only simulating them to automate things. Even then, there doesn't seem to be support for more than 5 buttons. My mouse has tilt wheel, plus back/forward thumb buttons.

So can AutoIt do what I need?

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Well, since no one has replied to this post, I'll give a shot at giving you ideas. Your obviously not going to be using a GUI (i'm guessing), but if you are, simply use GUIGetCursorInfo(). Other than that, I cannot think of a way to capture mouse clicks, but there is a way to capture movement of the mouse. I use this for a program I created, it repeatedly sounds a ringing until the mouse position has moved.

$pos2= MouseGetPos()
$pos = MouseGetPos();Retrieve position of mouse
While CheckPos($pos[0], $pos2[0], $pos[1], $pos2[1]) = -1 ;CheckPos is used to see if the mouse moved
    SoundPlay(@WindowsDir & "\Media\RINGOUT.wav")
    Sleep(650) ;Play a sound every 650 milliseconds if the mouse hasn't moved since it's original position
    $pos2 = MouseGetPos()

Func CheckPos($1, $2, $3, $4)
    If $1 = $2 AND $3 = $4 Then
        Return -1
        Return 1


Awaiting Diablo III..

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Thanks for the replys. Looks like MouseHook is what I need. I'll try it and see.

I'd like to build a GUI eventually to make programming the mouse easier and to save different profiles, plus I don't want to have to hardcode mouse settings and edit the code for different games/keystroke assignments. I can do a GUI rather easily I'm sure, but I'll need to get the mousehooks working first.

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MouseHook doesn't catch the thumb buttons, the tilt wheel, or mousewheel up. And I don't have a clue what all those numbers it shows are supposed to be. Most of them are different each time I press a button.

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Is there an app out there than can catch the codes sent when a mouse button is pressed. Google isn't showing anything. If I could find out the codes, I'm sure I could do what I need. I've looked for the following in the AutoIt help file:


but couldn't find anything. Where does this info and the hex numbers after that come from? And why does the EDIT button keep vanishing from my posts? I hate posting like this, when I could otherwise edit an existing post.

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