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Error when using ScreenCap functions...

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Aloha all!

I'm a little confused here....what I'm trying to do is capture part of the screen and save it to a file (later there's some more to come, but first things first ;-))

This is the code I have (and this is all of it):

#include <A3LScreenCap.au3>
$sFileName = "C:\ShootMe.bmp"
_ScreenCap_Capture($sFileName,1,1,50,50,false)oÝ÷ Ùh^»§)à~º&IȶØb±ê뢷(è]4ÓK)j{-ÊWoÝ÷ Ù­jÂ'yçm¢Æ¯zØ^~)^"ÚâyÛaÆ®¶­sb6æ6ÇVFRfÇC´4Å67&VVä6æS2fwC°¢b33c·4fÆTæÖRÒgV÷C´3¢b3#µ6ö÷DÖRæ&×gV÷C°¢b33c¶&×æFÆRÒõ67&VVä6ô6GW&RgV÷C²gV÷C²ÃÃÃSÃSÆfÇ6R¥õ67&VVä6õ6fT&FÖb33c·4fÆTæÖRÂb33c¶&×æFÆRoÝ÷ Ø­¶§¶«{l¶®º+j¢Ê%¢ºM4ÒÊZËr

then there's this error:

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\A3LWinAPI.au3 (1154) : ==> Variable must be of type "Object".:

$tCursor.Size = $iCursor

$tCursor^ ERROR

I'm using AutoIt and Au3Lib....anyone has a clue as what is wrong here?



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Make sure that you are running the latest Beta and that the Auto3Lib includes are copied into the beta/includes folder.

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