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[Curl] Trying to optimize it!

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Hello guys,

Few weeks ago, someone [i don't remember the name, sorry] told me to use Curl to get HTML Source Code because my _InetGet function DOESN'T WORK on my computer with this webpage.

I don't have any choice, I must use it to be able to test my software.

If you don't have it, place those 3 files in your Script dir or Download and launch my software (see following links).


Ok now:

Posted Image

I'm using this function in THIS program: http://rsgetpoints.pureweb.fr.

If you want to try it : http://rsgetpoints.pureweb.fr/RsGetPoints1_3.rar

This function is used to Get The source Code of a Webpage which require Login/Pass. (Im getting account info with StringBetween after this).


FOR THIS EXAMPLE, i created a Useless account [Free]:

Collector account [Free one, uploader account]

Username: Au3Acc

Password: test


So you are able to test my prog/and the following script. AS you can see, the Curl function is called every 10sec in my prog. I disabled every buttons during this function because you can't use them.. my whole UI doesn't work during this function call. I don't think I can do anything to change it...

The problem is: This function take a lot of time : 1s! I wonder if there is any way to Optimize it.

$wLogin='Au3Acc'                                                        ;;Username
$wPass='test'                                                           ;;Password
Global $url='https://ssl.rapidshare.com/cgi-bin/collectorszone.cgi'     ;;Account type change Url


Dim $iPidCurl = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'curl -k -d username=' & $wLogin & ' -d password=' & $wPass & ' '& $url, @ScriptDir, @SW_Hide,2+4)  ;;Curl function.
$source=StdoutRead($iPidCurl) ;;Getting source code from Curl.

MsgBox(0,'done', TimerDiff($timer))
MsgBox(0, '', $source) ;;Displaying the code.

Thanks a lot if you have any idea. I though to Use cookies, and just refresh the webpage when you are logged in.. But I don't know how to do that.


Edited by eHrgo

Sorry for my Bad English.

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