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Writing Data to Standard Out

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I do not see a method like StdoutWrite ?? Is there a way to write data to Standard out ?


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Sort of, with ConsoleWrite().

1. Type the following script and compile it as test.exe:

For $n = 1 To 10
    ConsoleWrite("n=" & $n)

2. Now open a CMD console and run test.exe from the commandline: you don't see the output in the DOS console.

This is as described in the help file under ConsoleWrite().

3. Now run this from the commandline:

test.exe | find "n"

You will see the output text. Same result if you run:

text.exe > text.txt

Clear as mud?


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Based on your reply, I take it there is no StdoutWrite kinda function.

I cannot really use the solution you prescribed. Looks like I'll have to write it to a File and then read it back.

Thanks anyways.

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