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Pa Callender

.NET System.Windows.Forms class

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Pa Callender

As a small experiment I'm trying to use the System.Windows.Forms class of .NET as a replacement to GUICreate to discover more about .NET. But I've run into a major problem. Here:

$form1 = ObjCreate("System.Windows.Forms.Form")
$form1.Text = "Hello"
$form1.HelpButton = True
$form1.MaximizeBox = False
$form1.MinimizeBox = False
$button1 = ObjCreate("System.Windows.Forms.Button")
$button1.Text = "OK"

While 1

;Func form1_FormClosed()
;    Exit

As you can see, if you run the form, you get a GUI with the caption "Hello" and a Help Caption button. But my problem is trying to recreate the functionality of

new Point(10,10)

I have tried ObjCreate("System.Windows.Forms.Point") and that doesn't exist.

I've also tried $form1.Point, $button1.Point and System.Windows.Forms > Point, but to no avail.

Could anyone enlighten me?

[size="4"]YOU SHALL NOT PARSE!![/size]

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I have been trying to get the right object ALL DAY!

System.Windows.Forms was closest for me.. :P How did you figure out, what to use?

I am trying to do a FileSaveDialog using the System.Windows.Forms.Form. :(

$Obj = ObjCreate("System.Windows.Forms.Form")

MsgBox(0, "", $Obj)

Returns 0.. :shocked:

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ObjCreate(" System.Drawing.Point") ?

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