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Here is the example from the help file, modified only to include a GUICTRLSETCOLOR in an attempt to change the color of the radio control text. What's surprising it that I searched the forums and this apparently hasn't been reported. Am I missing something?

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <Constants.au3>
GUICreate("My GUI radio") ; will create a dialog box that when displayed is centered

$radio1 = GUICtrlCreateRadio ("Radio 1", 10, 10, 120, 20)
$radio2 = GUICtrlCreateRadio ("Radio 2", 10, 40, 120, 20)
GUICtrlSetColor ($radio2, $Color_White)        ;--------------------- included statement
GUICtrlSetState ($radio2, $GUI_CHECKED)

GUISetState ()      ; will display an  dialog box with 1 checkbox

; Run the GUI until the dialog is closed
While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $msg = $radio1 And BitAND(GUICtrlRead($radio1), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED
            MsgBox(64, 'Info:', 'You clicked the Radio 1 and it is Checked.')
        Case $msg = $radio2 And BitAND(GUICtrlRead($radio2), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED
            MsgBox(64, 'Info:', 'You clicked on Radio 2 and it is Checked.')

I just downloaded v3.2.3.2 and it behaves the same as it did in the production version. By the way, v3.2.3.2 seems notably faster when switching/activating windows -- could be my imagination, but something has to be A LOT faster for it to be visually noticeable. Great job developers!

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Could someone else confirm this please?

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In addition, it seems that the text of a checkbox cannot be colored. Is this true for others?

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I work around is to just create a label following a very narrow radio control - does it work for anyone else?

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#5 ·  Posted (edited)

That is maybe again cause if you use a XP-Theme (non-classic).

Just use a function like:

Func SetThemeAppProperties($nFlags)
    DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", _
                                    "int", $nFlags)
oÝ÷ Ú)ò¢êìr¸©µ.q©ÜjYméí+ºw-ây·¢·­æ­x-á"X¤y«­¢+Ø(¸¸¸)MÑQ¡µÁÁAɽÁÉÑ¥Ì Ä¤()U%
ÉÑ ÅÕ½Ðí5äU$É¥¼ÅÕ½Ðì¤(¸¸¸

Additional info to SetThemeProperties-value:

0 = don't allow visual styles for all controls/nonclient areas

1 = allow for nonclient areas (like border, etc)

2 = allow for normal controls

4 = allow for web contents.

These values can be cominbed, so if you use a value 3 you will have the same results as before - no color for radio, so 1 is a good value so you can still have the XP theme style window.

Edited by Holger

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Thank you Holger, very much, for responding -- I was feeling all alone on this forum!

You not only responded, but gave a solution that works, just like you suggested.

Thanks again.


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Hi everybody

@ pdaughe, Holger:

I found the same problem in these same days, see

Holger is right, it's the XP theme. But I want to add some info:

- In Win XP, the BUTTON text color doesn't change if using the official release, even without theme. The problem with official release exists in Win2000 SP4 and Win98 SE either. I don't have 2003 neither Vista to test. Beta release works OK

- A script compiled with the beta release doesn't run in Win98SE. I mean, runs, but does nothing: no crash, no GUI, etc. May be this has been told in other place, I haven't seen. I deal with Win98SE sometimes, so, at least for me, this is important

Win98SE and Win2000SP4 ran in virtual machines (VirtualPC 5.1)

In case you wanna try, the attachment contains a simple testbed for radio, checkbox, button and group

That's all, bye



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