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cool progress bar


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Script Functions:

this functions create progress bars from lots and lots of gui labels :shocked:

i think it's rather easy to use them cause you only need 4 functions





coolprogressbarcreate($top , $left , $width , $height , $vert , $color ,$border=0,$bordercolor=0xffffff ,$randomcolor=0)-creates a coolprogress bar in a previuosly created

GUI, returns a special id number used to identefy multiple progress bars

coolprogressbarpercent($nums , $percent: sets the percent of a previously created coolprogressbar (with the id $nums)to $percent

Obs: for nou it cannot set it to less than it allready is

coolprogressbarrefresh($nums,$percent) , refreshes a previously created coolprogressbar(with the id number $nums) to a certain percent

this function is explicitly made for coolprogressbarchange


this function changes the settings of a previously created coolprogressbar(with the id $nums)

"" is default

coolprogressbardelete($nums): :( deletes a coolprogressbar

let me know what you think about it :P

if u got any questions feel free to ask

what i ment with works on xp too is that the normal progress bar can't be smooth on

xp unless u use clasic theme :&

if your OS supports guys and labels then this wil work for u ;))

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