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Should Binary() return the same value as BinaryString()?

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I know the new Binary system is different in build Should the new Binary() return the same value as BinaryString()? If not then how do I get that previous value?

Between versions, these are not equal

Binary("0xFFFFFFFFFFFF") <> BinaryString("0xFFFFFFFFFFFF")



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I haven't figured out the most efficient Binary -> String conversion yet. .... hmmmm

Doesn't address efficiency, but this works (posted from another topic):

#include <string.au3>

$Bin = Binary ("Hello")
ConsoleWrite("$Bin = " & $Bin & @LF)
$Hex = Hex($Bin)
ConsoleWrite("$Hex = " & $Hex & @LF)
$Text = _HexToString($Hex)
ConsoleWrite("$Text = " & $Text & @LF)


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Problem solved...

I guess the functions do return the same value. I was working with magic packets (I forget who originally posted the code, but big thanks) and the new build would no long generate a proper packet. The problem was the MAC was not formed properly (probably due to changes in binary string handling)... Anyway, I've reworked it and simplified the magic packet function and can now power on my machines...

This will work in older versions too by using BinaryString() instead of Binary()...

; Should always return a value of length 102
Func GenerateMagicPacket ( $sMAC)
    Local $MagicPacket = Binary("0xFFFFFFFFFFFF"), $MACData = Binary("0x" & $sMAC)
    For $i = 1 To 16
        $MagicPacket &= $MACData
    Return $MagicPacket

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