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Trailing Zeros with Integer

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Hi guys!

I tried lately to write some stuff at the end of a compiled .exe file (which is written in C if someone needs to know)

It's kind of a configuration GUI for the other programm, so I want to write a string and some integers behind the other stuff.


$handle=FileOpen("test.exe", 1)
Filewrite($handle, $SomeString)
Filewrite($handle, BinaryString(StringLen($SomeString)))
Filewrite($handle, $number1)

So far so good. Now If I open the .exe with a HEX-Editor like WinHex or XVI32 it shows me this:

Hex: 6D 79 73 74 72 69 6E 67 08 00 00 00 D2 04 00 00 00 00 00 00

Dec: m y s t r i n g 8 zeros 1234 and again zeros

Well, it writes the string, ok

it writes the length of it, ok

it also writes my testnumber 1234

nut it just ads some stupid zeros behind it...

btw: i tried to write $number 1 with Int() or BinaryString() and even Formatstring() it doesnt' work

Can anyone explain how I can get these numbers without any zeros into the file?

Thank you very much for every answer.

Greetz tannerli

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From back in the day -

Func RawWrite($File,$Hex)
    If IsInt(StringLen($Hex)/2)=0 Then Return (-1)
    Local $a
    For $a=1 To StringLen($Hex) Step 2

This was the function i used for writing binary, first arg is the filename or handle, second arg is a string of hex numbers ( "ED1AB6" or so). Remeber when you jus tsimply FileWrite() it does text.

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