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AutoIt3 Script Checker

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It is sometime inevitable to miss or miscode certain codes even if we're new or veteran users of AutoIt. Is there a user-friendly tool to scan through the script to check for mistakes? That would be cool.

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I'm guessing you don't use SciTE4AutoIt3? It comes prebuilt with a command for running scripts that uses the Au3Check.exe before actually sending your script to the AutoIt3.exe. If you look in your AutoIt directory, you'll find the Au3Check.exe, it's a command line program, but it does what you're looking for.

AutoIt3 Syntax Checker v1.54  Copyright (c) Tylo 2006

Usage: Au3Check [-q] [-d] [-u file] [-w[-] n].. [-v[-] n].. [-I dir].. file.au3
            -q      : quiet (only error/warn output)
            -d      : as Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)
            -I dir  : additional directories for searching include files
            -w 1      : already included file (on)
            -w 2      : missing #comments-end (on)
            -w 3      : already declared var (off)
            -w 4      : local var used in global scope (off)
            -w 5      : local var declared but not used (off)
            -w 6      : warn when using Dim (off)
            -v 1      : show include paths/files (off)
            -v 2      : show lexer tokens (off)
            -v 3      : show unreferenced UDFs and global variables (off)
       Exit codes:
             0      : success - no errors or warnings
             1      : warning(s) only
             2      : syntax error(s)
             3      : usage or input error

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Use Scite4Autoit3 as editor.

There is automatic script control before run/compile. It can be invoked also directly by Ctrl+F5

It's AU3Check.

EDIT: Saunders was quicker :shocked:

Edited by Zedna

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