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Holy cow this is tough...

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So basically, my dilemna is this:

Once I am on a webpage, I am presented with 20 links.

These links are basically all the same, but with three differences.

The format of the links are as such:


What I want to do, is take _IELinkGetCollection to get all of the links,

then I want to do something with the .href function and _StringBetween

in order to do two things:

For each link in the collection (starting with the first)

1. Find out if B is equal to a certain number (say 24)

if not, move on to the next link in collection

2. Find out if C is less than or equal to a certain number (say 100)

if not, Func()

if true, return indexed value (like 3 if it is the 3rd link on the page)

I am not asking for anyone to do this for me, but I desperately need help with the bolded parts.

Any help AT ALL (seriously, anything, even if it is only a word) will be much appreciated!

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I hate to bump this thread, but this is quite a wall for me...

I'm looking for something where it would be like...

For $Link in $Links

If _StringBetween ($Link, "Blah", "Blah")

And then I get lost, and I'm not sure if that up there is correct ^ the if statement, if there is a better way...


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I hate to bump this thread, but this is quite a wall for me...

than don't ... its not that long ago since you posted

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Here you go. Loop the checkForNumber function for all lines you want to check...

$linkstring = "http://www.site.com/blah=11&blah=111&blah=1111"
$num2check4 = 111
If checkForNumber($linkstring, $num2check4) Then MsgBox(0, "test", "Found number!")

Func checkForNumber($linkstring, $num2check4)
    While StringLen($linkstring) > 0 ; number("111&blah=1111") returns 111, for instance
        If (Number($linkstring) = $num2check4) Then Return True ; number found
        $linkstring = StringTrimLeft($linkstring, StringLen(String(Number($linkstring)))) ; strip amount of digits in numeric representation of remaining $linkstring; this means 1 for non-numeric repr.
    Return False ; number was not found
EndFunc   ;==>checkForNumber

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And to get the hrefs (pretty much the example from the helpfile):

$oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oIE)
For $oLink In $oLinks
    $sHref = $oLink.href
    ; then work with something like the example from sadbunny


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