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Help rewriting VBA COM to AU3

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I hope some one can show me how this vba code will look like in au3.

Set objPropertyReader = CreateObject("DSOleFile.PropertyReader")

Set objDocument = objPropertyReader.GetDocumentProperties _


Set colCustomProperties = objdocument.CustomProperties

For Each strProperty in colCustomProperties

If strProperty.Name = "TestProperty" Then

strProperty.Value = "New value"

End If


Im trying to find out how to use dsofile.dll COM Object inside a AU3 script. But COM is not my strong side.. Actually I have never used it :shocked:

Regards Martin

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$objPropertyReader = CreateObject("DSOleFile.PropertyReader")
$objDocument = $objPropertyReader.GetDocumentProperties("C:\Scripts\Test.doc")
$colCustomProperties = $objdocument.CustomProperties

For $strProperty in $colCustomProperties
    If $strProperty.Name = "TestProperty" Then
        $strProperty.Value = "New value"

Very similar, isn't?

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just the createobject should be objcreate

the rules for conversion are soooo simple...

1) variables in vb-code dont get a dollar, autoIT variables ALLWAYS get dollars (thats easier)

2) functions like createobject, getobject, are written differently, refer to help files for the correct name

3) vb code uses different comments, in vbscript a single quote is a comment, a double quote is a string.. autoIT doesnt care, both are strings,..

well thats about it..

for the rest I suggest you use the color coding to help you spot mistakes in your code..

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