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need help to create a nag screen

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hi all,

this is my issue:

my boss installed monitoring software on all pc's from my workplace and he want to be fair to employees by makeing a nag screen to anounce every user that the pc is monitored.

so i need a nag screen (full screen) with some text on it, ex. this pc is monitored, do not use it for personal purpose etc...,

with two buttons button 1 "i agree" if is pressed u can enter windows, button 2 "i do not agree" if is pressed windows shut down.

if anyone cand help me ill tnx alot (my job depends on this) or at least to tell me if is possible.

tnx in advance

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this is what you want at least i think so :shocked:

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         alexmadman - Bucharest

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
$text="NAG SCREEN"
Opt("OnExitFunc" , "exit1")
GUICreate("NAG SCREEN" , @DesktopWidth , @DesktopHeight , 0 , 0 ,$WS_POPUP)
WinSetOnTop("NAG SCREEN" , "" ,1)
GUICtrlCreateEdit($text , @DesktopWidth/2-100 , @DesktopHeight/2-100,200,200,$SS_BLACKFRAME+$WS_DISABLED)
$AGREE=GUICtrlCreateButton("Agree" , @DesktopWidth/2-100 , @DesktopHeight/2+100 , 90 , 30)
$NOT=GUICtrlCreateButton("Dissagree",@DesktopWidth/2+10 ,@DesktopHeight/2+100 ,90,30)
While 1
    Switch $msg
        Case $AGREE
        Case $NOT
    WinActivate("NAG SCREEN");this is what i eddited( so they can't cheat theyr way out of it :)
Func exit1()
    If $agreed=1 Then
        Exit 1
        Shutdown(9);//Shutdown and powerdown\\;

P.S. if u want something more i mean so u realy cant exit :( just put #NoTrayIcon on the first line of the code :P

cause if u hit alt tab during the program the taskbar flashes and u might have time to pause the script ;)

Edited by alexmadman

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and i'm not sure about the former -Alber EinsteinPractice makes perfect! but nobody's perfect so why practice at all?http://forum.ambrozie.ro

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tnx alot alexmadman,

u saved me, is exactly what i need

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