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neo van matix

Problem with InputBox()

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neo van matix

Hi guys,

i'm writing a little script, which opens a InputBox if you hit "F1". You insert a word, hit enter, and firefox opens which shows you the search-result page of google or wikipedia.

My Code:

#cs ------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         Bastian Müller

 Script Function:
    search on wikipedia/google per hotkey

#ce ------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start - Add your code below here

Opt("TrayMenuMode", 1)


$search = TrayCreateMenu("Engine")
$MenuItem1 = TrayCreateItem("Google", $search, -1, 1)
$MenuItem2 = TrayCreateItem("Wikipedia", $search, -1, 1)
$close = TrayCreateItem("Beenden")

TrayItemSetState($MenuItem2, 1)

TrayItemSetOnEvent($close, "CLOSE")
HotKeySet("{F1}", "SEARCH")


Func CLOSE()

Func SEARCH() 
   IF TrayItemGetState($MenuItem2) = 65 Then
      $searchengine = "Wikipedia"
      $searchenginelink = "http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/"
      $searchengine = "Google"
      $searchenginelink = "http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q="
   $height = @DesktopHeight-200
   $width  = @DesktopWidth-200
   $box = InputBox("BaMu Search", "Text to search on " _
   & $searchengine, "", "", 119, 115, $width, $height)
   If $box Then
      Run("D:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe " _
      & $searchenginelink & $box)

My problem:

If i insert more than one word into the input-box, firefox opens as much tabs as words were typed. If i search for "1 2 3 4 5", firefox opens 5 windows: In the first, i get the result page of google or wikipedia for "1", and 4 other tabs like "http://2/", "http://3/", and so on.

how would you solve this problem? dont know how...

Attention! English noob ^^

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Try StringReplace($box," ","%20") 'ing your search string...most browsers don't like spaces in the address bar, but accept a literal %20 string to mean space instead. Otherwise, trying enclosing the entire Run string in quotes so firefox only sees it as a single parameter, rather than 5 different parameters separated by spaces.

Give it a shot and post the results! :)

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neo van matix

Arg, damn,.. yeah, thats it!

firefox.exe handles strings, separated by whitespaces, each as own parameter... %1, %2, and so on... thats the cause, why i got many tabs...

Thanks :)

Attention! English noob ^^

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Run("D:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe " _
      & $searchenginelink & $box)

This would be better internet launch

ShellExecute("firefox.exe",$searchenginelink & $box)

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