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vb Format() to autoit?

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how would i do this in autoit:

Dim s
s = Format("&H" & "AB")
msgbox s

output: 171

or, how to convert this function:

Public Function port(ByVal Porte As String) As Long
    Dim tmpMP As Long
    tmpMP = CLng(Format("&H" & ReverseHex(ChrtoHex(Porte))))
    If Len(Port) = 2 And tmpMP > 65536 Then tmpMP = tmpMP - 65536
    Porte = tmpMP
Porte = 0
End Function

reverseHex = _StringReverse()

chrtohex = chr(hex())?

my guess is vb's format function is autoit's stringformat?, still i don't know how to do it with stringfunction.

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