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Single/Multi FileOpen Error

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Can somebody tell me what's wrong with this script? It gives an error:

GUICtrlSetData($List1,$SplittedIAL[1] & $SplittedIAL[$i]) 
GUICtrlSetData($List1,$SplittedIAL[1] & ^ ERROR

$IAL = FileOpenDialog("Open audio file(s)",@DocumentsCommonDir,"MP3 files (*.mp3)|WAV files (*.wav)|all files (*.*)",1+2+4)
            $SplittedIAL = StringSplit($IAL, "|")
            $Elements = UBound($SplittedIAL)
            If $Elements = 2 Then
                For $i = $Elements to 1 Step -1
                    GUICtrlSetData($List1,$SplittedIAL[1] & $SplittedIAL[$i])

With the fileopen dialog you can select more then one file (1+2+4)

Thnx, Kip

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