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Is there a way to colored text in edit box like SciTE4AutoIt3 or ICQ?

(I mean different colors in one edit box)

I have two alternative ideas:

1. Some one wrote about rich text, but I cant find any example.

2. Use internet explorer page in edit box. Problem - i can only send a source code into edit box.

So please give me your opinion or idea. Thanks alot.

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Try using Koda, and it will give you options to change this.

Here is a simple script:

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

$font = "Courier New"

$gui = GUICreate("GUI", 482, 250, -1,-1)
$txt = GUICtrlCreateEdit("Hello World.. I'm in colour!", 0, 0, 481, 250, $WS_VSCROLL)
GUICtrlSetFont (-1, 9, 400, 4, $font)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0x000000)
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xffaff)

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $msg
        Case $gui_event_close
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Hmm. this is along the lines of what i am after.

What if I wanted that line to be two different colors? Like the "Hello World.." in red and the "I'm in colour!" in blue?

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