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Simple Profiler Function

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I was trying to create a function to do some profiling, like they have in C. Here is what I have so far.

$StartTime = TimereInit()
$EndTime = TimerDiff($StartTime)
$EndTime /=1000 ;This is to change from milliseconds to seconds
$EndTimeFormatted = StringSplit($EndTime, '.') ; This is to remove all the digits after the decimal point
$MsgBox(0,'Time', 'Function call took: ' & $EndTimeFormatted[1] & ' second(s)')

Func _SleepFunction()
EndFuncoÝ÷ زÚòx-¢f¤y§îËb¢{ajÒ¢é]q©e¥«,¶ÛbëÚ®&æ§v¯z+]¡©e¡ûaƧv·­º¹íçè®f­µçmg£¯z²7öiè¶Ë«z0#
.Ù"Ú$)jëh×6$StartTime = TimerInit() ;getting start time in millisecons
Call(_SleepFunction) ; calling sleep function
$EndTime = TimerDiff($StartTime) ; gets difference between start and end
Call(_Timer, $EndTime) ;formatting $EndTime
MsgBox(0,'Timer','Function call took: ' & $EndTimeFormatted[1] & ' second(s)') ;Display formatted time in message box

Func _Timer($EndTime)
          $EndTime /=1000
          $EndTimeFormatted = StringSplit($EndTime, '.')  ;<--- Here is the problem...Can I use return here, if so, then how do I use it.

Func _SleepFunction()

Is there a better way of doing this. I was hoping that I would have a function that I would call before calling a function, then one after it was finished, and it would give me the time it took to run....

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Read the help file for Round() to do this much more easily:

$EndTimeFormatted = StringSplit($EndTime, '.') ; This is to remove all the digits after the decimal point

Read the help file for _TicksToTime() in the Date.au3 UDF for the conversion.

When you have some spare time, read the help file.


P.S. Read the help file.


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