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duplicated line ?

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I'm have a file that containes around 45 lines , some are exactly the same . example :

line 1 087733445

line 2 A55224689

line 3 087733445

line 4 F44522652

what i am triyng to do is check if a certain line exists 2 or more times in this file.

i think it can be done be filereadline and then puting that line in an array, but i am still confused and don't know how to do this .

can somebody help me plz ??

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Should work fine for smaller files:

Dim $InputRecords
For $x = 1 to $InputRecords[0]
    For $y = 1 to $x-1
        If $InputRecords[$x] = $InputRecords[$y] Then
            ConsoleWrite("Record " & $x & " is a duplicate of record " & $y & @LF)

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