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Hello, i was wondering if and how it is possible to attach multiple events to 1 ctrl

for example i have a list with items in it, if i left click i want to execute function 1, if i right click i want to execute function 2

i have tried with or without GUIOnEventMode = 1 but i am unable to get such thing working it seems (been digging through the manual, but i cant really figure out how to do this) :)

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Hi, I tried a dodgey aproach to what you asked about it works sorta ... :)

The buggiest thing is though , if either one on the lines is highlighted and you left or right click in the list box not on a line then the event will be tripped off. It still gives the correct event and the corect focused line though..

#include <GuiConstants.au3>
#include <constants.au3>

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
$Gui = GUICreate('Test 2 functions on 1 control', 320, 220, @DesktopWidth - 340, -1, -1, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)
$mylist = GUICtrlCreateList ("", 10,10,300,200)
GUICtrlSetData(-1,'Pretend this is a control|Pretend this is a control as well')
GuiSetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, 'Close')
GUISetState ()

While 1 

Func Event1()
    $ci = GUIGetCursorInfo($Gui)
    If $ci[4] = $mylist Then
        GuiSetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_SECONDARYDOWN, '')
        MsgBox(0,'Event1', 'Left Mouse Down Reads:' & @LF & GUICtrlRead($mylist))
        GuiSetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_SECONDARYDOWN, 'Event2')

Func Event2()
    $ci = GUIGetCursorInfo($Gui)
    If $ci[4] = $mylist Then    
        GuiSetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_PRIMARYDOWN, '')
        MsgBox(0,'Event2','Right Mouse Down Reads:' & @LF & GUICtrlRead($mylist))
        GuiSetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_PRIMARYDOWN, 'Event1')

Func Close()

Who says cheats don't prosper? Buwahahahaha.

(used rightclick to leftclick a focus on a line while disabling/enabling the opposing event).

I spose that's just thinking outside the box really or is it more like bad scripting. :D

I think it's more the latter of 2 ...


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Hehe well actually i had also something like you and with the same result: if you click anywhere in the listbox it triggers also the event :)

but i was wondering if there wasnt a cleaner way ... (maybe feature request? )

Also for example i had the same problem with a menu i attached to the tray icon: i wanted a window to get focus if i double click the trayicon (i created a toolbox, so no task bar thing ) and if i rightclick a menu where you can choose for example exit or help

but the same applies here: if i double click i also get the menu (even though the focus event is also triggered) and strange thing is that with the default menu it does work. (so i have an application with default menu where rightclick shows the menu and left double click brings it in focus)

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