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unwanted pause?

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i run this and it works but not on my friends computer.. it pauses the script automatically.

i even hid the icon but the hotkey does nothing for him.

Opt ('WinTitleMatchMode', 4)
Opt ("PixelCoordMode", 2)


    $stoplog = PixelGetColor (1, 1)

        Until $stoplog = 263172 or $stoplog = 526344 or $stoplog = 1024
        MsgBox(0,"test","this part works")

        func yes()
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Valik Note Added 19 October 2006 - 08:38 AMAdded to warn level I just plain don't like you.

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Why set "WinTitleMatchMode", when you don't use any WinTitle's? Did you forget a WinActivate() or some such?

Also, read the help file for HotKeySet(). There are lots of conditions that might cause a HotKey to not get set. You might try an odder key like Alt-q, "{!q}".


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