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Show partially downloaded pictures in Pic-Control...

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i wrote a little tool, that downloads about 500 pictures. (Widescreen wallpapers from interfacelift.com)

The pics are big, some of them up to or bigger than 1 MB.

I thought i can watch the progress of the download. So i created a pic-control, where the current downloading picture is updated every minute.

It looks like this:

While 1
    If @InetGetActive = 0 Then
        InetGet("http://interfacelift.com/dl/wallpaper/00954_lakeofgruyere_1680x1050.jpg", @ScriptDir & "\" & "00954_lakeofgruyere_1680x1050.jpg", 1, 1)
        GuiCtrlSetImage($pic, "00954_lakeofgruyere_1680x1050.jpg")

But somehow it's not working. Can't see any pictures in the pic-control.

Is this possible at all?

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