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Not working untill . . . . .EVENT - - - ->Working

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i donot want the program to load untill an event happens in windows like internet connection down, write to a file, internet explorer load, command prompt opened . . . . . .etc

can u guys guide me to how to that

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As far as I know events are always happening in windows, when you press your keyboard you are firing an event, when you move your mouse you are firing an event. I think you need to narrow down the scope of what you want this script to do. So instead of making the program open on any event in windows, make the program react to maybe just the important things, example: when cmd is open

Dim $processExistance = 0
     $processExistance = ProcessExists("cmd.exe")
Until $processExistance == 1


You may build yourself an array of things that you want to happen and loop through each one in the do loop


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I don't need to know everything, I just need to know where to find it when I need it"....EinsteinAnd in our case... That's the AutoIT helpfile ;) Please read before posting!!!

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I Donot want to even load untill windows event happens (not working in a loop untill the condition fulfilled) live eventtrigger command in windows i'm in need for more help with examples please

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