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Getting file name (with the extension)

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I have a simple script wich copies a file from the user machine to another position....:

First, I open a fileDialog window to let the user choose the file:

$fileToMove = FileOpenDialog ("Select the file", "C:\", "All (*.*)")

Second, I get the file name using the _GetExtProperty function found here into this forum

$prop = _GetExtProperty($fileToMove,-1)

And I expect to have here the filename

$onlyFileName = $prop[0]

It works perfectly on my PC but not on another one where is returned only the filename without the extension.

Is there a way to make it work as it is or is there a way to get only the full filename (without the path (example C:\))

Thanks :)

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well that should work just fine

That's perfect!

thx :)

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