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Simple filewrite question

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I'm taking a file, reading it's contents and pulling out the mousemove(x,y). I'm writing this into a file in mouseclick("left",x,y,1,1) format.

How can I have it write the quote marks around LEFT when it writes to the file?

#include <misc.au3>
 #include <file.au3>
 While 1
 Func _Start()
    $count = _FileCountLines("blah.au3")
    for $x = 0 to $count step 1
        $line = FileReadLine("blah.au3",$x)
        $string = StringLen ( $line ) 
        $left = Stringmid($line,10,1)
        $left2 = Stringmid($line,11,7)
        $left3 = Stringmid($line,18,1)
        If $string = 18 Then
            Filewriteline("coors.au3","mouseclick" & $left & "left", $left2,$left3)
 Func _End()

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To write the quotes you need to wrap them each in an apostrophe. Like this:


Or like this:

'"' & "LEFT" & '"'

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I had tried "'Left'", but it didn't work. I never thought to try it the other way >.<.

Thank you ^-^

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You will also find that using _FileReadToArray() is much faster than just using FileReadLine().

Put It in a For/Next loop and use an If NOT StringInStr($array[$I], 'Text You want') Then ContinueLoop

And if the quotation marks are in the line you're reading then StringMid($line, 10, 8) might work. If that misses the closing quote then make it 10, 9


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