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IsPressed for any key...

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...I would like to now if enybody now a method for determin if any key is pressed -and witch one- whitout using an array whith all key code and stuff

(somthing like GetKey)



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#include <misc.au3>

Func _IsAnyKeyPressed($start = 0, $end = 255)
    For $i = $start to $end
        if (_IsPressed(Hex($i))) Then return $i
    return -1

    Local $val
    $val = _IsAnyKeyPressed()
    if ( $val > -1 ) Then
        MsgBox(0, "", "You press the " & Chr($val) & " key.")

Shouldn't this be in support?


If your looking to do it in another language it is still the same concept, for whatever the function may be.

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