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Using FileCreateNTFSLink to link directories

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Does anybody know how I can create a hardlink from an directory to an other?

I know that the destination directory must be empty.

But creating the link always fails.

I tried to link a file, and that works...

Simple test script:

DirCreate("C:\system directory")
MsgBox(0, "", FileCreateNTFSLink("C:\windows\system32", "C:\system directory"))



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Try this code without creating the folder/directory.

If Not FileExists('C:\system directory\') Then
    MsgBox(0, "", FileCreateNTFSLink("C:\windows\system32\", "C:\system directory\"))

You now know that the directory should not exist before creating the junction point now.


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It works :)

I know the directory must be empty.. But it wasn't good enough


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