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I need to store data from an array into ini.

however, I was not able to understand the readme file completely.

it says the array has to be 2 dimentail, as in

array[n1][n2] and

n2 has to equal to 2,

and then array[n1][0] would equal to the key

and then array[n1][1] would equal to the value.

the array which I an writing the data from is $array[300]

how do I create the 2 dimension array so the the key automatically equal to n1?

as in, I just want the name of the key to equal to the item number of the array.

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Dim $aData[3] =  [ "FirstValue", "SecondValue", "ThirdValue" ]

;~ $sData = "Key1=Value1" & @LF & "Key2=Value2" & @LF & "Key3=Value3"
$sData = ""
For $i = 0 To UBound($aData) - 1
    $sData &= "Key" & $i+1 & "=" & $aData[$i] & @LF
$sData = StringTrimRight($sData,1)

IniWriteSection("AutoIt-Test.ini", "Section1", $sData)

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