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Syntax error why?

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Func Square()
    $x = InputBox("Square","Which # to square?")
    $y = $x * $x
    Msgbox(0,"Square",$x & "Squared is:" & $y)
Func SquareRoot()
    $a = InputBox("Sqrt","Which # to sqrt?")
    $b = 0
        $b = $b + 1
        If $a < $b * $b Then
            Msgbox(0,"Sqrt", $a & "is not a perfect square")
        ElseIf $a = $b * $b Then
            Msgbox(0,"Sqrt", $b & "is the sqrt of" & $a)
            Exit 0
        Until $a = $b * $b

>Running AU3Check ( from:C:\Program Files\AutoIt3

C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\New AutoIt v3 Script.au3(21,19) : ERROR: syntax error

Until $a = $b * $b


Problem solved.... Missing EndFunc....

Edited by SniperSA

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