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How to make your EXE respond to DOS commands.

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Here is a very simple method, along with example, to respond to a command typed in a DOS (aka cmd) window. Normally AutoIt cannot do this but now it is very simple to do! Here's an example:

If $cmdline[0] > 0 Then
    If $cmdline[1] = "talk" Then
        $bat = "echo Hello World"
        FileWrite("respond.bat", $bat)
        If Not @error Then

Although it's kind of messy, it will serve its purpose. If anyone knows of an easier way, please tell me about it.

note: ConsoleWrite(), although it sounds like it would work, is not seen by the DOS commandline window.

this is how it will look:

C:\>myscript respond


C:\>echo Hello World
Hello World


The respond.bat and echo are automated, as you can see in the script above. See, it's not perfect, but it can get the job done. :)




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Even better, take a look at PaulIA's method for ACTUALLY writing to the console.


It isn't perfect (the command line returns before the characters are written), but it is the best pure AutoIt implementation that I've seen posted.

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