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custom app needed

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hi guys,

i need to create a custom application, for tutorials and i maybe over reaching, i am having basic problems and can't find more tutorials or info to learn past the very basics.

what i need to know is how to assign a variable to a file and call that file for mp3 player, which i have seen and tried example scripts for and then later i would like also to create a application similiar to notpad that has the ability to send emails out that are personalised, using input feilds

but firsts first, mp3 player

so What i want to know is, is there anybody out, that would be able to build this quickly, for a set price, there would be more functionality later

i would be prepared to start with maybe a mp3 player that just plays files in a particular folder, a drop down box that automatically includes all files in say a particular folder, but i just can't seeem to find the information to create this , i have done the hello world tut and downloaded and am using the tutorial written by alex, however, and maybe i am stupid but im missing something.

Ok so i would like to do myself so can anyone help me on his


can anyone reply with a who might be able to build this for me

to date i have fiugured out how to build a form etc, but still unsure how to make it all work

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