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Problem with appending to arrays with loop

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Ok, here's the deal....I've successfully gotten this to load up the first page of friends, extract the links, search the source of every profile on the first page for my friendID, and populate the matching data into array2...Here's the issue. When it switches to page 2 after populating array2, it doesn't perform the link extraction and source search on any page after the first. It just keeps cycling through the pages and displays the incomplete arrays. What am I doing wrong with the loop?

#include <IE.au3>




#include <INet.au3>

Dim $avArray[1]

Dim $avArray2[1]

$i = 2

Global $friendID = "32406107"

Global $oIE = _IECreate("http://friends.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewfriends&friendID=" & $friendID)

$oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oIE)

Global $sHref = "profile"

While $i <= 5;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

For $oLink In $oLinks

_ArrayAdd($avArray, $oLink.href)

If StringInStr(String($oLink.href), $sHref) Then


If StringInStr(_INetGetSource($oLink.href), '32406107') > 0 Then

_ArraySearch($avArray2, $oLink.href, 0, 0, 0, True)

If @error Then _ArrayAdd($avArray2, $oLink.href)



$oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oIE)

$oSubmit = "java script:__doPostBack('ctl00$cpMain$pagerTop','" & $i & "')"

_IENavigate($oIE, $oSubmit)

$i = $i + 1


_ArrayDisplay($avArray, "Whole array")

_ArrayDisplay($avArray2, "Whole array")

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No, that's not it either because I think the _IELinkGetCollection isn't working when I do this so it ends up being a completely empty array....I'm stumped, but I'll keep trying...Is _ArrayAdd overwriting $array, or does it always append to the end?

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