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Function to print in a label any string len using "..."

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Here are a source code to fit any string text into a fixed size label. String too long are shortened automatically by using "..." in the middle of the string.

Func AdaptStringToSize($string, $font, $size, $width)
    $len = StringLen($string)
    $gui = GuiCreate("", $width+1, 1,-1, -1)
    GUISetFont($size, 400, 0, $font)
    $str = $string
        $label = GuiCtrlCreateLabel($str, 0, 0)
        $pos = ControlGetPos($gui, $str, $label)
        If $pos[2] > $width Then 
            $sub = Int(($width-$pos[2])/$size)-1
            If $sub <=0 then $sub = 1
            $len -= $sub
            $str = LimitStringSize($string, $len)
    Until $pos[2] <= $width
    GUISetFont($size, 400, 0, $font)
    Return $str

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