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I'm not sure how to explain this..

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Okay... I'll try to explain this the best I can.

Here is part of my script:

For $j = 1 To 31 Step 1
                If GUICtrlGetState($$i) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
                    FileWriteLine("temp.txt", $loc[$i])

So in my script I have checkboxes from $1 to $31, and I would not like to spend that much time writing script for each individual one.. I believe in PHP, GUICtrlGetState($$i) would work, but not in AutoIt. It says "badly formatted variable."

What I want this to do is that each time it repeats the loop, it will get the state of $1, then $2, and so on... How do I do this in AutoIt?

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If you change your code to create the checkboxes using Assign() like (I think...untested):

For $i=1 To 31
  Assign($i,GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Checkbox "&$i,5,($i*20)+5)
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Again, I just slammed this out, I haven't tested these, but they should work :rolleyes: . But look into Assign() and Eval()...it should get you what you want.

Edit: btw, when I want to do something like this, I usually would create a 1-dimensional array with 30 elements (say $checkboxArray), so I could loop through the values using $checkboxArray[$i]

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