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script not working

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i created 2 scriptsa that sync with eachother...

but one of the scripts gui's(papertape) dosent respond



#include <GUIConstants.au3>
global $et
GUICreate("papertape", 262, 339, 624, 128, -1)
$edit = GUICtrlCreateEdit("",0,0,262,339)
if $cmdline[0] <> 1 Then
while 1
    $data = ""
    $data = consoleread()
    if $data = "hide" Then
    ElseIf $data = "show" Then
    elseif $data = "clear" Then
        $et = ""
    ElseIf stringleft($data,2) = "st" Then
        $st = stringsplit($data," ")
        if $st[0] = 2 Then
            if $et = "" Then
                $et = $st[2]
                $et = @lf & $st[2]
    elseif $data = "exit" then
    $guimsg = guigetmsg()
    Switch $guimsg
        case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            if consoleread() = "exit" Then

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Your ConsoleRead() is hanging because there is no input. From the help file:

If at any time when this function is called (except for "peeking" as described below) there are no characters to be read from the stream, the ConsoleRead function will block (pause) and not return until there are characters to be read from the stream. This means that the AutoIt process will be halted, and there will be no processing of hotkeys, GUI messages, etc. until the parent process writes something to AutoIt's STDIN stream.

Use "peek" to check for available input before reading:

While 1
    $data = ""
    If ConsoleRead(0, 1) Then $data = ConsoleRead()

    ; ...


Running that in a tight loop is likely to get you occasional partial messages. If you send "The quick brown fox", the console read might only get "The qui" and then get "ck brown fox" on the next loop. You might need a test for whatever end of line character is used.


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