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How to figure out what partition a file/folder exists on

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Hey all,

Basically what the topic says. I've been working on an oracle10g installation script and it's almost done, except sometimes we install it on the C: partition and sometimes on D:, so instead of having 2 seperate scripts for configuring oracle from C and D I'm looking for some method of finding out which drive it's on. Does au3 have something similar to this pseudo-code? I searched the help file but came up empty.


if exists("C:\oracle") then
     [...proceed with code for C Drive]
     [...proceed with code for D Drive]

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If FileExists ("path")
    ;do something
ElseIf FileExists ("path")
    ;do something else
EndIfoÝ÷ Ûú®¢×¢··¶£ºËn±ëay'+C¹rº-¢IèÃ^­ëazÇ+b²»§)à~º&jëh×6MsgBox(64, "Location", "Script is running in: " & @ScriptDir)


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