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Launchy file creator

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Create newfile in 3 seconds! :rolleyes:

Download the keystroke bar from www.Launchy.net

Copy the newfile.exe (or .au3) in a folder ad index this folder by the Launchy program.

If you are in windows explorer press alt+space for show the Launchy window.

Write "newfile" or a part of it, press TAB and insert the parameters:

newfile {TAB} (Filename, [Text of the file, extra parameters])

Extra parameterms:

\o open the file with notepad after created it

\c paste the clipboard text in the file

\dnn (\d and a number) autodelete file after nn seconds







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yeah, very

i am working on new skins for StarPlay...

EDIT: Is this using part of my Command Line Interpreter in AutoIt? :rolleyes:

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I can do signature me.

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