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Problem with Send()

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I've got a script that opens mspaint.exe and pastes a screenshot into it from the clipboard. It then tries to save the image to a specific filename. However, about half of the attempts have dropped characters during the Send(). For example:

$Filename = "C:\TopDir\MidDir\LowDir\FileName"


This leads to some pretty strange results when the directory names get munged. Is there any way, besides slowing the KeyDelay setting way down, to insure that the characters that I sent were actually received by the control? (Even with it turned down to 1000 ms it still drops characters.)



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are you sure your path does not include any escape charactors for the send command?

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did you try sending it raw with a flag of 1?

Send("!@#$%^&*()a bunch of crap...", 1)

or try ControlSetText() if it is applicable

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Holy Cow! You folks are fast!


1 - there are no control or escape characters in the string.

2 - The ControlSetText function looks interesting, but I haven't tried it yet.

3 - The ClipPut() and Send("^v") seems to be working. (so far...)

I'll let the sim run tonight and let you know if I've still got problems.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


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You could/should check what you send (or set) in a field like that.

Run this little demo:

WinWait("untitled - Paint")
WinActivate("untitled - Paint")
WinWaitActive("untitled - Paint")

;paste stuff into Paint here

WinMenuSelectItem("untitled - Paint", "", "&File", "Save &As")
WinWait("Save As")
WinActivate("Save As")
WinWaitActive("Save As")

$Path = "C:\TopDir\MidDir\LowDir\FileName"
ControlSetText("Save As", "", "Edit1", $Path)

$PathCheck = ControlGetText("Save As", "", "Edit1")
If $Path == $PathCheck Then
    TrayTip("$PathCheck", $PathCheck, 111)
    TrayTip("$PathCheck bad", $PathCheck, 111)
    MsgBox(0, "", "you lose")
;more code here
A TrayTip may not be practical in the final script. You can take whatever action you wish if what you sent/set is not what "arrived". You could also check the window title for the file name to see that the save went as planned and/or do a FileExists check.

hope this helps


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