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Hello All,

I have an issue with an application time out screen popping up. I would like to have the AutoIT gui I wrote put in the username/password and click OK for the user.

My current GUI when launched collects the username/password for the application in question. The user then clicks a radio button on my GUI app which installs / launches the application, waits for the login screen and enters in the username / password.

Once in the application, my Autoit GUI just sits in the background- waiting for input I assume. I would like to have the GUI scan for the application time out window that pops up and asks the user to re-login.

It is a java program, so no chance in seeing any window text, other than the Title Bar. Fortunately, it seems to be a pretty unique title, "Please re-authenticate to continue" is the title, and the Auto it window tool see's that, but no controls, or other window text.

How can I have the Autoit GUI that is running send the username/password again?


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Also consider if it is possible to prevent the application from timing out in the first place... perhaps by making the mouse move slightly when there has been no input for a while.

Maybe something like this:


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