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stringplit() on white space

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I want to split a string into chunks using whitespace. StringSplit() seems like the obvious choice, but it doesn't behave as expected. Eg:

$test = '12 34  56   78 90'
$test2 = stringsplit($test, ' ')
_arraydisplay($test2, 'test')

I would expect to get back:







Instead, I get this back:













I can take a guess at why it's going this, but I don't think this should be considered "desired" output. I'm choosing to split on spaces; why would I want any of the elements to be nothing but a space?

Any suggestions on how I can make this work right? Are there any other split/explode functions that will do what I need?


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The StringSplit() will split the string with given separator :rolleyes:

But in your case, you set as saparater one character of space ( Char(20) ), it's split as suposed by all founded space characters...

try this:

#include <Array.au3>

$Str = '12 34  56   78    90'
&#03ÔÝHÝ[ÔYÑ^XÙJ  ÌÍÔÝ    ÌÎNÊ ÌLÜÊÊIÌÎNË   ÌÎNÈ ÌÎNÊB33cµ7ÆD'"Ò7G&æu7ÆBb33cµ7G"Âb33²b33² ¥ô'&F7Æb33cµ7¥ÑÉȤoÝ÷ Ù±!?Û¯z·¦¢÷¶¥¢_®Å©©éèÂ+wöˬxz1¥±!=¿lêò¢çëÞf¤y§îËb¢wè®+g¢Û¬x¶¸§*eÖ­jYZºÚ"µÍÚ[ÛYH    Ð^K]LÉÝÂÌÍÔÝH   ÌÎNÌLÍ
ÎL ÌÎN³3cµ7ÆD'"Òõ7G&æu7ÆDWb33cµ7G"Âb33²b33² ¥ô'&F7Æb33cÁ±¥ÑÉȤ()Õ¹}MÑÉ¥¹MÁ±¥Ñà ÀÌØíMÑÈ°ÀÌØíMÀôÌäìÌäì¤($ÀÌØíMÑȽ '0 ' & $Str
    $Str = StringRegExp($Str, '(&LÔÊÊIÌÎNËÊBIÌÍÔÝÌHHPÝ[
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Thanks for the suggestion, MsCreatoR. I had actually thought about using a regex function shortly after posting, and came up with this:

$temp = stringregexp($line, "\S+", 3)

Pretty close to your suggestion, though a slightly different approach. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate it.

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