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How could you do this?

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I need to be able to do 1 of 2 things.

1. Is there a way to copy and paste stuff from a website that doesn't let you highlight stuff?

2. Is there a way to wait until a page loads in FireFox, then do stuff, and if it doesn't load(because the website is too busy and is slow) have it refresh then wait until it is loaded? Does WinWaitActive work like that, and if it does, can you make it so it waits until a window is loaded even if you don't know its name?

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Would this load the website, check and see if there is a dark green pixel(or whatever color it is) at the spot, and if there isn't have it refresh until there is a pixel there?

Global $n=152, $t = 0, $pix

while $n < 494 
    MouseClick("left", 770, 64)
    Send("{DELETE}" & $n & ".shtml{ENTER}")
    $pix = PixelGetColor(477, 332)
    If $pix = 0x383838 Then
        While $pix != 0x383838
            MouseClick("left", 93, 68)
            PixelGetColor(477, 332)
;put stuff to do here

Also, how would you make something copy and paste? Would you highlight it with MouseClickDrag, Send("{CRTL}C"), then Send("{CTRL}P"). The help files don't really explain how to copy and paste, so yeah :rolleyes:

Ugh, I just tested it and the $pix != color thing doesn't work. Whats another way I can continue that loop forever until there is that color at PixelGetColor?

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Bump? How can you make it so it will keep refreshing the page every 10 seconds until it finds that color? And how do you Copy and Paste stuff with Crtl+C/V?

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for copy paste lookup clipput(), clipget(), Send("^c"), and Send("^v")

and for the ten second delay... you have it "sleep(10000)", but looking up TimerInit() and TimerDiff() and using those instead would be much nicer IMO.

Also you are not ever going to exit your loop without updating the While statements variable ($pix)

While $pix <> 0x383838



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