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Why an undefined variable error?

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I've had great success using the GUIRegisterMsg command on forms having a single Input control. When I attempt to do the same with multiple Input fields as shown here, I receive the following error from SciTE.

==> Variable used without being declared.:

Case $txtBoxB

Case ^ ERROR

The code in the MessageHandler function doesn't do anything but display a MsgBox for this example, but I can't get it to even run. Furthermore, commenting-out any one of the (3) Case statements results in the same error message but referring to one of the other fields.

So, what am I missing?

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <Misc.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include <GuiEdit.au3>

_Singleton( @ScriptName )
Global $TESTING = True

;- Initialize general variables
Global $i, $j, $k, $x, $y, $z ;- Temporary variables (some may not be used)
Global $gvEvent

;- Define Windows notification messages for an editbox. It's only a partial list, but it's more than we need
Global $gaMessageIndex = _ArrayCreate( False, False, False ) ;- One for each message
Global Const $WM_COMMAND   = 0x0111 ;- For registering message
Global Const $EN_SETFOCUS  = 0x0100 ;- Sent when an edit control receives focus
Global Const $EN_KILLFOCUS = 0x0200 ;- Sent when an edit control loses focus
Global Const $EN_CHANGE    = 0x0300 ;- Sent after field is altered and after it is displayed.
Global Const $EN_UPDATE    = 0x0400 ;- Sent after field is altered, but before it is displayed
GUIRegisterMsg( $WM_COMMAND, "_MessageHandler" )

Global $frmMain = GUICreate( "Test Messaging", 240, 135 )
Global $txtBoxA = GUICtrlCreateInput( "     ",  20,  20 )
Global $txtBoxB = GUICtrlCreateInput( "     ",  20,  40 )
Global $txtBoxC = GUICtrlCreateInput( "     ",  20,  60 )
Global $cmdQuit = GUICtrlCreateButton( "QUIT",  20,  90 )
For $i = 0 To UBound( $gaMessageIndex ) - 1 ;- Must reset array here or some indexes may be True
   $gaMessageIndex[$i] = False

;- Main loop
While True
   $gvEvent = GUIGetMsg()

   Case $gvEvent = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
   Case $gvEvent = $cmdQuit


GUIDelete( $frmMain )
Exit( 0 )

Func _MessageHandler( $hWnd, $gvEvent, $wParam, $lParam )
   Local $lnWinNotify  = _HiWord( $wParam ) ;- Notification message returned
   Local $lnWhichCtrl  = _LoWord( $wParam ) ;- Which control fired this message

   Switch $lnWhichCtrl
   Case $txtBoxA
      MsgBox( 0, "MsgA", $lnWinNotify )
   Case $txtBoxB
      MsgBox( 0, "MsgB", $lnWinNotify )
   Case $txtBoxC
      MsgBox( 0, "MsgC", $lnWinNotify )


Func _HiWord( $pvParam )
   Return BitShift( $pvParam, 0x10 )

Func _LoWord( $pvParam )
   Return BitAND( $pvParam, 0xFFFF )
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I think u need to use this


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GUIRegisterMsg( $WM_COMMAND, "_MessageHandler" )

in your code is set before you actually create the controls (and initialize those variables with controlIDs) , so it's not surprising that it complains about $txtBoxB or whatever being undeclared...

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