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it's faster to rewrite the script ..

just start by writing down what the script needs to do (or is doing at the moment)

then break this text into the smallest possible pieces, and finally start solving each component..

after you've done this you will not only know how the old script worked, but you will also be able to improve

every step in the script as it is your own brainfart :whistle:

I don't think you will get this done by the autoIt wizards here..

have a nice day..

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if you know the passphrase (if there is one) you could try to decompile it with v2.64 ?

you can download it here

if its protected and you dont have the passphrase your out of luck...

I have tried to make it, and have received a following mistake:

Error: The executable file is not recognized as a compiled AutoIT script.

But this file is AutoIT script....

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