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Unicode/ANSI Compiling Trouble

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a script that should be compatible with 98/Me/2000/XP but I cannot test it on 98/Me, so I'm pretty much in the dark.

The compiled executable should launch Media Player Classic, which is present in the same directory (mplayerc98me.exe and mplayerc2kxp.exe).

The 98/Me version works on all systems, but only the 2K/XP version supports unicode.

Any commandline parameters given to the launcher should be passed on to the player.

The code seems simple...

    Run("mplayerc98me.exe" & " " & $CmdLineRaw)
ElseIf @OSTYPE = "WIN32_NT" Then
    Run("mplayerc2kxp.exe" & " " & $CmdLineRaw)

...but I don't know how I should compile it. Using unicode I would lose downwards compatibility, using ANSI the unicode characters in the commandline parameters would probably get corrupted.

Is it possible at all to execute the correct player and keep unicode parameters with just a single launcher?

Thank you!

Regards, ABlock

P.S.: I'm not aiming for playing a unicode file on 98/Me here, I just want the best possible solution by using the same executable on every system.

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