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:) Its still not working for me... The index is created all right... Like the last time...

But when I search for something, the following thing happens (it appears for a fraction of a second; had to attempt taking screenshots many many times before I could capture it):And the following message is shown immediately after that:

OK, makes me wonder if Vista doesn't like it.. I'll remove the screen automatic repositioning and repost;

then I'll have to get Vista running on a vmware; can't put it on any computers I need to run my work programs, as they are not yet Vista-compatable!

Best, randall

[PS - What is your installation drive path, and @homedrive ?]

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H3a added in first post;

My best guess for some problems is the index and slider are not writing properly on Vista? - unless someone has it working? -

H3a has sorting now non-case sensitive, and no slider function (also ? not OK on Vista?...)

If anyone has this working on vista, could you let me know please?

Thanks, Randall

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