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Automating PowerPoint

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Is there any documentation of using COM with PowerPoint? I have searched the forums and its a topic that is not really discussed.

This works:

$OBJ = objCreate("PowerPoint.Application")oÝ÷ Ù8b±Ú²z-Âäjëh×6$OBJ = objCreate("PowerPoint.Presentation")

I can get this working in VB, is it that PowerPoint.Presentation isn't registered? Whats going on? Anyone have experienced this?

Is there no way around this, should I create an activex wrapper in VB to use in AutoIt? Or has this already been done before?


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$obj = ObjCreate("PowerPoint.Application")
$obj.Visible = True
$colPresentations = $obj.Presentations
$presentation = $colPresentations.Add(True)
If IsObj($presentation) Then MsgBox(0, "", "Made a new presentation.")

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