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Hi all!

Nice to see this community and i hope i will become a good scripter sometime.

I have serached around for pixel scanning because i think it is a really neat feature. One problem is that i see so many different versions of scripts doing basically the same. Is there a "template" made by someone for this kind of thing:

Pixel color: XXXXXX

Find this pixel color

Double click it

If not found, rotate screen with right arrow and scan again

The game i want to apply a color search on is Cabal. The enemies have a yellow name over them (depening on lvl difference) and it is this i want to use.

As i have seen so many different scripts, should there not be a template that i can modify that is the simplest of the simplest? :)

I know some od you provide with some code that directs us noobs in the right way so it would be quite nice :P I am willing to write my own code and i DO want to learn so i am not one of those "gimme a code for a bot" guys :)

Thanks in advance


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HotKeySet("{F9}", "stopdamnit")

$color = ""
$left = 0
$top = 0
$right = 0
$bottom = 0
While 1
$Search = PixelSearch($left, $top, $right, $bottom, $color)
If @error = 1 Then
    MouseClick("left", $Search[0], $Search[1], 2)

Func stopdamnit()

Now please leave.

The below statement is False.The above statement is True.a lesson I learned from Greenmachine; give a man a code and he'll solve one problem. Teach a man to code and he'll solve all his problems.P.S please don't use autoIt as a virus creator/spyware maker(keyLogger especially)Cick this and help me[center]My Scripts:[/center][center]Port Scanner[/center]

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could not use edit so here is another post:

I had to change


And should i write the color like this:

$color = "0xFFF574"

I found the color in RGB and converted to HEX. Should i then just add 0x?

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