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Turning a partial solution into a complete one

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So someone asked how to draw text in games. Larry posted something which I have modified here:

$x = 100
$y = 100
$text = "Testing this Shiite"

Global Const $TRANSPARENT         = 1
Global Const $OPAQUE              = 2

While 1

Func TextOut($x,$y,$text)
    $hdc = DllCall("user32.dll","int","GetDC","hwnd",0)
    $hdc = $hdc[0]
    _SetBkMode( $hdc, $TRANSPARENT )

Func _SetBkMode( $hdc, $mode, $dll_h = "Gdi32.dll")
;~     http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/gdi/pantdraw_47hh.asp
    Local $return = DllCall( $dll_h, "int", "SetBkMode", "ptr", $hdc, "int", $mode)
    Return $return[0]

This partially works as it does draw text on top of the game (fullscreen, uses direct3d)

However, the text blinks rapidly making it very annoying. Is there any way to fix this?

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That works in a non-game environment such as the desktop. However I am trying to draw to a game and if I call it once, it goes away in about 1/2 a second due to the game's direct3d updating.

So is there any way to prevent the text from flickering or being interfered with by the game's direct3d updating?

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